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We invest
in technically driven founders focused on building companies in the AI industry with social applications. We lead early stage deals with checks from $200k to $1M
early stage deals
$200k to $1M
MLVentures has spent the last 4 years backing entrepreneurs for a better future
AI-based business solutions for image and video recognition, analysis, and processing
3 years
from launch to acquisition by Snapchat in 2019
acquisition price
App Store Free Charts
Looksery is an app for photo and video messaging, allowing users to apply real-time filters and effects
2 years
from launch to acquisition by Snapchat in 2015
acquisition price
TOP 10
We back technically focused founders, ACM ICPC finalists, ML experts, and Kaggle medalists.
Machine learning experts
ACM ICPC Finalists
Kaggle gold medalists
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Our team offers comprehensive resources and guidance to help you succeed at every step of the way.
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