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from launch to acquisition by Snapchat in 2015
Looksery is an app for photo and video messaging, allowing users to apply real-time filters and effects
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TOP 10
2 years
AI-based business solutions for image and video recognition, analysis, and processing
3 years
from launch to acquisition by Snapchat in 2019
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Neiro develops entertainment products using machine learning technologies, creating real-time deep-fake (video audio) technology and a dialogue engine to create personalized AI characters.
Glam is a versatile software solution that empowers users to craft Reels, Stories, Posts, Collages, AI Avatars, AI Videos, and Body editing. Glam is the go-to tool for content creators, providing a complete suite of video editing tools in one convenient platform.
Pheon is an app where users can chat with digital twins of real people — their intelligent realistic digital avatars.A robust AI-solution powering a digital twin creates an uncanny resemblance to its human “prototype”.
Nufa uses AI technology to allow users to generate images of what they might look like in peak physical condition, accompanied with AI generated workouts and diets to help achieve a healthier lifestyle.